January Mid-Term 2020-2021Class

IEC’s 2020-2021 Apprenticeship School registration and enrollment is now online!


Contractors will complete the Contractor Student Enrollment form for all first-year apprentices for the January term.  Members receive priority placement; class size is very limited for this class.  Apprentices shall complete the appropriate application, also found under "Forms" on our website.

We launched IEC’s nationally accredited curriculum in the fall; instruction beginning in January is two nights/week.  This comprehensive curriculum better prepares fourth-year graduates for the Journeyman’s exam that will be scheduled prior to graduation.  Our school’s current graduation rate is an impressive 88%! 

All book kits come bundled from IEC and cannot be broken out.  Book kits can be ordered complete with or without the required 2020 NEC Codebook. (If without, the student or contractor must provide the NEC 2020 codebook).  Each sponsoring contractor will receive one invoice for tuition and books.  It is the responsibility of the contractor to pay for student books even if they are charging the apprentice for them.  The IEC-FECC office will not accept book payment from students. 


Per Florida Statute, sponsoring contractors support Florida Apprenticeship; therefore, tuition can only be paid by the sponsoring contractor and cannot be charged or back-charged to the apprentice at any time. Books may be paid for by the apprentice.


Florida State Statute: 1009.25(1)(b): The following students are exempt from the payment of tuition and fees, including lab fees, at a school district that provides workforce education programs, Florida College System institution or state university: (b) A student enrolled in an approved apprenticeship program, as defined in a s. 446-021.

2020-2021 January Tuition

 Member                      Non-Member     $800                                $1,000

2020-2021 January IEC Book Fees

Textbooks with required                          Textbooks without required

NEC 2020 codebook                                NEC 2020 codebook

              $495                                                            $385


Refund Policy


Tuition is not refundable. A partial credit for tuition may be issued if enrollment is cancelled within a specified amount of time; refer to the Contractor Handbook.  Books are non-refundable.

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