Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship Program

Contractor Enrollment Checklist for 2020-2021

Each item on the apprentice's completed Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship Program application are required. Mandatory items are indicated for acceptance into the program. 

Mandatory items:

Contractor Student Enrollment Form: Employing Contractor completes this form. 'Entering Year' indicates the year of training the apprentice is entering (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th). (Click here for the Enrollment form)

1st Year Apprenticeship Program Application: Ensure all questions are completed accurately by the student. Also, ensure current employer is listed FIRST under work history.

Campus Application: Applications are different for each campus. The apprentice's full legal name should match what is shown on the Driver's License or photo ID. 

> Palm Beach State College (PBSC): Begin the PBSC online registration process to completion at


> Florida Training Services (FTS) -  Student is to print and complete campus application and return                                                               to us on Book Distribution Day - date (tbd):


                                                          (Click here for the Application) 

Education Certificate: A copy of the apprentice's high school diploma, certificate of equivalency, GED completion scores, or unofficial transcripts show that they have completed secondary education. 

Driver's License: Ensure that a copy of your apprentice's current driver's license is attached to be submitted.

Social Security card:  Ensure that a copy of your apprentice's social security card is attached to be submitted.

Optional items:

Military ServiceEnsure that the apprentice's copy of their DD214 is attached to be submitted. 

Disability: Ensure that the apprentice's copy of their pertinent disability records are attached to be submitted, if apprentice wishes to include them. 

If you have any questions, contact the IEC-FECC Apprenticeship office at 561-318-7705.

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