1st Year Student Home Page

Class Schedule

Class 1A - Monday/Wednesday

Class 1B - Tuesday/Thursday

Class 1C - Monday/Wednesday

Class 1D - Fall Semester - Monday/Thursday

Your Instructors

                Dave Hernandez (1A) at dhernandez@iec-fecc.org 

                       Kyle McAfee (1B) at kmcafee@iec-fecc.org

                             Chris Lee (1C) at chris@iec-fecc.org

                         Ricky Carroll (1D) at Ricky@iec-fecc.org


        Lead Instructor: Josh Colvin at Josh@iec-fecc.org, 561-779-4211

Tutoring Assistance 

During the school year, make your instructor aware if you would like tutoring assistance.

IEC Membership

Free IEC membership to all Active Apprentices. 

As a FREE Apprentice IEC-FECC member, you may:

  • Participate in networking events

  • Be eligible for discounts on additional training

  • Join the Closed Apprentice Facebook Group for students and instructors only

  • "First-to-know" on legislation, policy and government affairs


As we grow, we need your help:  

  • Encourage your sponsoring contractor to join

  • Volunteer as a peer-to-peer tutor

  • Be engaged with our social media platforms

  • Reach out and let us know how we can better serve you


It is our pleasure to serve you however we can!  

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                                  OJT / Work Records 

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