Leadership Training

This is a 4 hour training session designed to inspire and equip a high performing management and supervisory team of Electrical Contractor personnel with a foundation rooted in strong and sustainable leadership principles, character traits and values.

Course Objectives

  • Equip attendees with understanding and application of Leadership Principles
  • Equip attendees with understanding of traits and qualities expected of a leader
  • Equip attendees with solid understanding of diverse leadership styles
  • Provide character education to better prepare attendees for leadership roles
  • Equip attendees with communication tools and techniques required at all levels of interaction between supervision and worker
  • Discuss effective leadership strategies to ensure that values and principles are effectively deployed and modeled
  • Create awareness and knowledge of today’s workforce to better apply supervisory principles
  • Discuss how Character Traits and Values are critical to effective leadership
  • Discuss and resolve real life customer interactions utilizing leadership principles
  • Develop tools to help leaders motivate and connect with team members resulting in superior productivity
  • Please contact Karen Pica with any questions concerning this course. kpica@iec-fecc.org or 561-318-7709


    Aug 06 2022


    8:30 am - 1:00 pm

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