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The Essence of Character and Leadership and Dealing with Adversity and Managing Conflict

IMPACT Character and Leadership Consulting (IMPACT) is dedicated to inspiring and developing men and women to achieve their highest potential. IMPACT focuses on developing the character, honor and integrity of its clients. The President of IMPACT, Buck Martinez is passionate about working with organizations to develop their character and leadership skills. He serves as life coach and executive coach to individuals in many different roles from corporate executives to professional athletes. Some of his clients include, FPL, Advanced Roofing, Hypower, Athletic Coaches at all levels, Moss Construction, Keiser University, Bolay, St.Thomas University and others.

4 hour course split into 2, two hour sessions:

“The Fundamentals of Character and Leadership and How to Effectively Manage Conflict.” The objective of the courses is to provide participants with a foundation of Character and Leadership and to provide the tools and techniques to deal with conflict in your business
endeavors, personal life and community engagements.

What Will Participants Gain in the Character and Leadership Module:
• Character traits to lead a life of honor
– commanding respect
– earning trust
– winning attitude and mindset
– sacrificing for the organization
– strong work ethic
• Fundamental principles of leadership to lead at work, in your personal life and the community
– purpose, passion and conviction
– wisdom, judgment and courage
– understanding the challenges of leadership and understanding diverse leadership

What Will Participants Gain in the Character and Leadership Module:
• Tools and techniques to deal with conflict in their daily lives
• Tools and techniques essential to resolving issues in the workplace
• The confidence required to address issues head on
• Conflict resolution strategies to find creative solutions to difficult situations

Participants will be challenged to discuss the tough decisions required to become a person of character and leadership. Participants will also be challenged with the effective resolution of difficult issues through interactive discussions, case study analysis and hypothetical resolution
of real life situations. Some of the tough questions that participants will be faced with include the following:

– Are you a person that commands respect and earns trust
– Do you bring a positive attitude everyday
– Are you willing to outwork your competitors
– Are you willing to make the tough decisions to be a leader
– How do you deal with conflict?
– Do you avoid it or address it?
– Are you intimidated by conflict or do you look forward to it?
– Accepting Conflict aa a natural element in every relationship.
– Do you feel as if you have been successful in dealing with conflict?
– Do you feel equipped to deal with conflict?
– What tools do you have available to you?


Feb 10 2024


11:30 am - 4:00 pm

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7741 N Military Trail Suite 5 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
7741 N Military Trail Suite 5 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
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