Apprentice Instruction Fee Schedule


All textbooks will be ordered by IEC-FECC for the students and billed to the contractor’s account upon registration of apprentices.

Once tuition and books are paid in full by the contractor, textbooks will be released to the apprentice(s).

No refund will be given for opened books.

2020-2021 School Year

Service Instruction Fees Schedule:

                                          IEC-FECC Member 

 1st  Year Apprentice                 $800.00 per student

 2nd Year Apprentice                $800.00 per student

 3rd Year Apprentice                 $700.00 per student

 4th Year Apprentice                 $700.00 per student

                                          IEC-FECC Non-Member

 1st  Year Apprentice                 $1,000.00 per student

 2nd Year Apprentice                $1,000.00 per student

 3rd Year Apprentice                 $   750.00 per student

 4th Year Apprentice                 $   750.00 per student

Important Information


Members receive priority placement.  Tuition and books shall be paid in full prior to the start of the school year.  Members shall pay tuition by July 10th or risk losing their seats to non-members.  Book fees are due August 7th.

No books will be distributed until they are paid in full.  Students are required to have their books with them for all classes.  If they do not come to class with books, they will be asked to leave class until books are acquired; this may result in the apprentice losing their spot in class.

Tuition can only be paid for by the sponsoring contractor and cannot be charged or back-charged to the apprentice at any time:

Florida State Statute: 1009.25(1)(b): The following students are exempt from the payment of tuition and fees, including lab fees, at a school district that provides workforce education programs, Florida College System institution or state university: (b) A student enrolled in an approved apprenticeship program, as defined in a s. 446-021.