Apprenticeship in Florida

In the state of Florida, apprenticeship certification programs are sponsored. If an individual is not already working with a sponsoring contractor, the IC FL East Coast Chapter assists qualifying individuals with placement. Students work full time while attending school one to two nights per week, and graduate debt free. They earn while they learn!

Electrical Apprenticeship

Limited Energy/Low Voltage Apprenticeship


IEC-FECC's curriculum is regarded as among the best in the industry and is recognized by the US Department of Labor and State Apprenticeship council's across the country.

Our purpose at Independent Electrical Contractors FL East Coast Chapter is to provide quality education and training that helps to promote both the growth and development of our contractors and our industry.

Advantages of Apprenticeship

Advantages of Apprenticeship

  • Earn while you learn: Entry wages are based on experience starting at approximately $14-$16 per hour
  • Apprentices attend classes generally one time per week (5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m)
  • Training in an exciting career that is in demand and essential
  • Tuition is covered by the contractor. NO student loans to re-pay!
  • Opportunities for advancements within the industry
  • Periodic raises as your knowledge in the field increases
  • IEC offers the Public Sector Wage Benefit (OA/BAT) Program, which provides a tiered scale of prevailing wage salary and benefits to qualified apprentices.

Eligibility & Application

& Application

  • If you can answer yes to all the below, then you are eligible to apply
  • Possess a High School Diploma or GED.
  • Have reliable transportation.
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be physically capable of performing the work of the trade
  • Currently working for or eligible to work for a licensed, independent, electrical contractor.



  • Apprentice training is GI Bill - applicable.
  • Veterans applying for apprenticeship training:
    • Bring in a copy of your DD2-14
    • Apply for VA benefits online using Form 22-990
    • Fill out VA paperwork from the apprenticeship school
  • Meet all the requirements to register for the apprenticeship program and fill out all required paperwork as listed under the apprentice requirements.
  • The apprenticeship coordinator will submit your VA paperwork to the veteran’s administration for approval. You will be notified by the VA that you have been approved. The apprenticeship coordinator will submit to the VA your monthly OJT reports and you will begin getting paid from the VA.
How to Apply

Sponsoring Contractor Requirements

Sponsoring Contractor Requirements

For employers, apprenticeship training brings tremendous value to the organization, including:
  • Trained, productive workforce
  • Train apprentices to the standards of your jobsite
  • Increase in knowledge of the trade
  • Decrease in job related injuries
  • Loyalty between contractor and apprentice
  • Instructors that are currently working in the trade, either as a journeyman, inspector or electrical contractor

To participate in IEC-FECC's Apprenticeship Program, the sponsoring contractor agrees to:

  • Sign a Participating Employers Agreement (PEA)
  • Supply a copy of current Electrical Contractor License
  • Evaluate, sign, and mail the completed OJT card to the IEC Office monthly, on time

A participating employer is responsible for:

  • Working your apprentice for 40 hours each week in the specific trade to which he/she is being apprenticed. The work environment must be safe and drug-free
  • To assign work which reinforces the apprentice’s theoretical instruction
  • Please allow your apprentice time to get to class to avoid tardiness or an absence
  • To pay yearly instructional fee at the time of registration
  • To cooperate with our office by completing paperwork in a timely manner
  • To contact our office immediately whenever an apprentice leaves your employment, or if you have a change of email address, mailing address, or telephone number.
How to Apply

Career Path

Career Path


The first step to becoming an electrician is going through an apprenticeship program. IEC-FECC is a 4-year apprenticeship program. You will work in the electrical trade at the same time you are attending your related training classes. Typically, you will go to school one night per week for 4 years and you will need 8000 hours on the job training (OJT). The program requires a high school diploma (or equivalent) to apply.

The quickest way to obtain a journeyman's license in Palm Beach County is by way of apprenticeship. With a completed apprenticeship certificate, you can apply to receive your Palm Beach County journeyman's license upon passing the journeyman's exam.

Master Electrician
Master Electrician is the highest level of electrical certification, with requirements varying from state to state. In Palm Beach County, 2 years as journeyman is required followed by a licensing exam.

Many of our graduates have gone on to obtain their journeyman's and masters license and have become electrical contractors, owning their own companies.

Become a lead electrician that runs their own projects and teaches young apprentices.

Use the field knowledge you gained to start supervising other electricians and do less of the physical work.

Project Manager
Spend time in the office and the job site without doing the physical electrical work. Manage supervisors, foreman and apprentices, order materials, schedule work and oversee the complete job from beginning to end.

Master Electrician
Take and pass the Master Electric1an test from a County or State and be able to open your own business, qualify a business or become the VP of Operations.

With your Masters license you have the opportunity to open your own business once insurance and local documents have been completed.

How to Apply

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